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As woodworkers, our shops are our sanctuaries. Places we can go to kick back, relax and crank up the creative process. Sometimes, we flip a switch, and our tools spring to life, while other tools wait for the touch of a skilled hand to be powered.

Get your car out of that workshop!And, sometimes our shops are also our laundry rooms, recreation areas or garages for our cars. Yeah, that’s right, we have to share our space.

Today, tell us about your shop situation… is it a dedicated space, do you share it with other household functions or is your shop wherever you can find the space at the time it’s ready to work?


3 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. I personally want to know as to why you named this blog, “Quick Poll:
    Is your shop a dedicated space? | Tom’s Workbench”. In any event I loved the article!Regards-Norman

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