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There are some things that woodworkers always seem to not have enough of: Time for projects, space to work and clamps.

A healthy collection of clampsAfter all, the common refrain of woodworkers is there are never enough clamps in your shop when you need them. Those complicated glue-ups seem to require just about every clamp in your collection – and in your neighbors’ collections as well.

So, today, tell us about your clamp situation. Do you have enough, or, well, do you need more?


11 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. I have a decent collection. But then again, who couldn’t a few more from time to time?
    Storage becomes a problem after a while too.

  2. I have a lot, but never enough.
    Space for more clamps is no where to be found though.

  3. Since beginning my butcher block office desk project I find myself rapidly depleting my stock of HF clamps. At each glue up I tend to squeeze at least one to death and my 2 longest ones no longer grip anything. I have finally resorted to using home made ones. Several 2 inch wide wooden strips with blocks glued to one end and a block bolted in place to allow me to drive in shims to apply pressure. Necessity IS the mother of invention!

  4. I have pipe clamps right now but thinking seriously about switching to bessey or jet clamps

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