The wood jumble solved

I just discovered that it was about four years ago when I left you hanging.  Yeah, sorry about that.

Back in August of 2009, I wrote about my wood jumble. It was in an area of my shop where I stacked wood with little organization, which made finding a particular board for a project a nightmare.

The original wood jumble

Fortunately, my wood storage has evolved to a little better arrangement. I found an area that was between my band saw and the standing storage tower that was open and would serve as a great place for some vertical storage for my boards.

The lumber storage now

I spent this past weekend arranging the boards in my shop, creating this area to store all of my lumber. It was a pretty simple system, involving some Tapcon screws, a few 2 x 4 scraps that I picked up out of the scrap bin over at the local home improvement center and a few lengths of electric conduit.  All I did was bore some holes into the 2 x 4s to hold the conduit, and then mounted those 2 x 4 cleats into the wall.

The cleat arrangementI put three lengths of conduit into each of the cleats, using these as dividers to help control the stacks of wood so they don’t flop around. It’s not the most perfect arrangement – the boards seem as if they can push on the conduit, levering the cleats from the wall. I may have to go back to the drawing board on that one…

Anyway, i was able to get the boards in there.  Now, when I need to reach for a board, there’s no issue with finding my choice boards. I simply can look into there and find the rough or previously-milled pieces of wood to find the one I want for a new project.

A look down into the stackDang, I have a lot of boards in there… Maybe I should build a few new projects!


4 thoughts on “The wood jumble solved”

  1. Nice job Tom. You might consider building a platform for the lumber to sit on that gets it up off the concrete floor. You will experience a lot of moisture down there otherwise. In a perfect world the platform would have ridges (1×1 strips) that the boards can rest on and still allow air to flow underneath them.

  2. Looks a lot better Tom.
    Hey, what’s a measly four years to get your wood organized?…

  3. Can you come to my place and demonstrate you prowess as an organizer? My wife says I need you. I say, “what?!”

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