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Woodworking has been practiced in one form or another for the past hundreds of thousands of years. Throughout the ages, there have been many important inventions and discoveries that have helped to make the craft what it is today.

I wonder what gadget I can invent today?

Lately, the pace of these inventions seems to be accelerating. In the secret testing rooms and laboratories, companies are inventing devices that can help you do everything from ensuring your bead of glue is laid dead center on a board you are working with to bench dogs with sophisticated pop-up mechanisms to innovative devices to lift your work off the surface of your bench while gripping it tightly.

In this week’s poll, let us know what you think about these devices. Must-have tools for your shop, or gadgets that leave you scratching your head wondering what they would be used for…


2 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. I think the newer woodworkers may find some of these new inventions useful, even essential, but a lot of guys like me who have cut our teeth on the traditional ways seem to get by just fine without them.
    Now when they invent that time machine to give me more hours out there…ahh… 🙂

  2. Kind of a toss-up…I find some of them interesting, but I can also take them or leave them.

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