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Most woodworking tools do their jobs through the use of very sharp edges.  Woodworkers can spend countless hours grinding and honing their tools to a razor sharp edge.  Manufacturers can get a keen edge on carbide router bit cutters or table saw blades…

A rasp can handle some serious curves

And, then there are rasps and files.  These oddballs don’t slice the wood they are cutting – they grate the wood off much in the same way you might grate some parmigiano reggiano onto your pasta or into your risotto.

There are times when the only tool that can do the job is a rasp or a file, yet they aren’t normally the first tools a woodworker will purchase.

This week, we want to know what you think about files and rasps…

4 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. I use rasps and files all the time, especially when making instruments and saw handles. If you have built anything with a curve, a file and rasp should be something you have available. I wish I hand more!

  2. Never could figure out how to mount a motor on them. I accomplish the same end with a variety of sanding devices. If I had some decent rasps I might be more inclined to use them.

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