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Regrets. I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention…

Francis Albert Sinatra...

Right. You can tell that Sinatra was not a woodworker. I know, because I have a bunch of tools in my shop that I regret buying. Whether it was the spring-loaded corner chisel thingamabob that Norm used all the time, or the Freud router with the proprietary base that I can’t use standard guide bushings on, I have my share of mutts out the shop that should have never gotten there in the first place.

For today’s poll, give us an idea of how many tool purchases you have regretted over the years. Maybe you are batting 1.000 and have never picked up a dog, or you should start consulting with more seasoned tool purchasers to ensure you get usable items, we want to know. And, if you have a great story about some tool that you regret with your entire being, be sure to put that into the comments. We would love to commiserate with you…


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  1. Most of my regretful tool purchases were made at Harbor Freight: a recip saw that had a shaft the twisted so it wouldn’t cut straight & cheap bar clamps with plastic heads that broke. I also have a plunge router & RAS I just don’t use much. Last weekend I bought a cheap Jack Plane at Home Depot. The back handle twists a little & is too short for my hand (and I don’t have large hands). [sigh]

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