A push-stick penthouse

Of course, there were many reasons why my recent kickback accident happened.  I was cutting without using the splitter. I had a temporary lack of focus while I was completing the cut. And, all of the featherboards and push blocks I should have been using were heaped in a pile at the end of my miter saw bench.  Groovy…

The jumble

Yeah, this was an area I had been meaning to get to since I built the miter bench last year. I simply tucked my hand planes in the till over there and kept looking at the void of space where I could have put my table saw organization station, and I swore I would get to it. Well, gosh darnit, now sure is the time!

Fortunately, I had some leftover plywood from the banquette project, and thought it would be a good material for the simple shelf system. And, hey, 3/4″ cabinet grade plywood looks cool in a shop. Makes you almost think you are going upscale on your shop furniture! But, before I made any cuts, I was sure to put the splitter and blade guard on the saw. You know, you can never be too careful about this kind of stuff.

Look!  A splitter!

The piece was insanely simple to build – an open cabinet 24 inches wide by 36 inches tall. I broke it into six storage cubbies, each holding different push blocks, hold downs, featherboards and the like. After I put in the last screws to hold the bottom shelves, I tacked in a few cleats for some top shelves to sit on.

It's in place

Yes, I know that I should cut a few shelves to sit up on those upper cleats to complete those babies, but it’s getting late, and I probably shouldn’t be working while I’m too tired… remember, that’s another important safety consideration! But, I think I can rest easier knowing that my table saw safety gear is someplace where I can get to it easily. There. No more excuses!


2 thoughts on “A push-stick penthouse”

  1. Nice job Coach!
    Gonna do one too. Thanks for a great Idea
    The space under the wing table is otherwise wasted

  2. Nice quick storage,,,,, Now the trick is to remember to use them, I mean all of us not just you.

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