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Sorry I missed a post last Friday. I was down at the Governor’s Hurricane Conference doing a little teaching, doing a whole lot of learning, and picking up a piece of hardware…

The Best Public Information Program award of 2013 goes to...

Once I got back home, I realized how much I missed my woodworking. I started looking at the pieces I have built – the banquette, the two entertainment centers, the dining room table, and realized – wow – I do build a lot of pieces where I use paint as a finish. That’s not a terrible thing, since most of my mistakes can be hidden with a whole lot of putty and a an opaque topcoat (wait, did I just say that?).

My drop leaf dining room table with painted base

This week, tell us about the use of paint in your projects.  Do you use it all the time, or is it something you avoid like the plague?


3 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. A lot of my woodworking friends say painting is second choice and something to be avoided when possible.
    I say balderdash!
    If the piece you are creating will look nicer and fit the application better with a coat of paint, then grab your brush and do a nice job.

    And way to go on the award Tom !

  2. You are selling yourself and your project short if you are not considering all options for finishing your projects. Since I use a lot of really cheap wood from Big Orange and Big Blue paint is the only way to go most of the time. If I move up a level in grade then a decision has to be made. When I buy that really expensive wood I tend to (95%) use only stain or just leave it alone and maybe rub some oil or wax on it.

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