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The PlyPi

Remember my friend Paul – the guy we built a home office for? He recently told my son Dominic – a computer wiz – about the Raspberry Pi. It’s a chip-based computer from Great Britain that costs all of $25, yet can do some tremendously cool things.

The PlyPi case

The problem with these computers?  They come just as a chipset with some connections. Kind of vulnerable. Kind of clunky.  So, one of the things that proud Pi owners do is build their own cases.  Some tuck these babies into the chassis of old Commodore 64s. Others in Lego cases. And, some build them out of wood.

This post from the blog Single Lens Reflections shows how the site’s administrator build a Pi case from some plywood. It’s elegant. It’s protective. And, it’s made out of wood. What’s there not to like?

Just do a quick Internet search to see some wild Raspberry Pi cases built by others.


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  1. Thanks so much for linking to my case. I thought that you (and anyone reading this) might be interested to know that I’ve finally got around to posting the plans. You can see them now at my blog.

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