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Half-Inch Shy

What is it about the 48th state to join the Union that attracts so many talented woodworkers?

Today, we go to Arizona to meet another skilled craftsman, Paul-Marcel St. Onge. His blog, Half-Inch Shy, takes its name from the good old early days of his woodworking experience, when he would measure three times, add some extra onto the board and still cut it one half inch shy. This never stopped amazing his dad.

Kick save and a beaut!

Today, Paul-Marcel has cleaned up his act and is making some sweet furniture, blogging and producing a ton of really awesome videos.  You can check him out at many woodworking shows demonstrating for Bridge City Tools.  Oh, and he loves hockey. Just in case you couldn’t figure that out!

3 thoughts on “Link of the week”

  1. Paul-Marcel’s videos are some of the best that is out there. His latest “No Comment” video posts are truly unique, as are the designs brought to life within the videos.

  2. Paul-Marcel does the woodworking community proud with his talents
    Plus, his videos really help those less talented learn the craft.
    Plus, how can you not like a guy this in to hockey? haha

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