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Back when I first started woodworking, I labored under several misconceptions. Sure, I could glue end grain to end grain.  Every project needed tons of nails. And, most importantly, every single project had to be stained.

Brush that stain on!

Yup. It was some kind of unwritten code that I couldn’t shake. I would go to the home center, pick up a can of stain and apply it to the project. It didn’t matter what I was building, stain was an important part. Kind of like putting icing on top of a cake.

Since then, I have discovered that no – I don’t have to apply it on every project, but I still do have the occasional use for it. Today, tell us what you think about pigmented stain and how you use it.


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  1. Tom,
    Pigmented stains outsell dye stains.
    They can be wiped, sprayed or brushed, the key to using wiping stains is that they must be wiped dry.
    Don’t sell pigmented stains short, they have some features that you can’t get from dyes, the two stains have there place in both large and small shops.
    I know, I sold both types of stains for over 30 years.

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