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Stu’s Shed

For today’s link of the week, we’re going down under – to Melbourne, Australia to be exact – to take a peek inside Stu’s Shed.

Stu enjoying one of his other pastimes

This site, run by Stuart Lees, is a wealth of information on woodworking. Plans, tool reviews and observations from the bench blend seamlessly with his numerous video offerings (nearly 100 at last count) and the articles he has had published in  Australian woodworking magazines.  Of course, the highlight of the site is his actual woodworking shed – which he has outgrown after six years of loyal service – and the new shed he is planning to replace the old structure.

Now, I’m sure that Stu would probably remark about our funny accents, but I’m pretty sure you will be able to understand him!  Goodonya, mate.

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