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Think about one thing you do on every project. Sand? Maybe. Cut? Perhaps.

Measure?  FOR SURE! Whether you are using a micrometer, a tape measure or existing cabinet parts for relative dimensioning, you are bound to do some kind of measuring.

Now, here comes the tricky part… there are many scales or units of measurement you can use. The metric system. Conventional measurements such as feet and inches. Heck, some folks even do without any sort of scale and use relative dimensioning.

This week, let us know your preferred system of measuring. Sure, you may use many, but specify the one you are most comfortable with and you turn to the most.

One thought on “Quick Poll”

  1. I use customary units, but if I have a really odd measurement, I’ll use the rule as a story stick.


    If I measure 3 21/64″, I’ll make a mark on the rule or tape measure with a fine point Sharpie marker. Then I’ll use the rule or tape measure as a story stick based on the marks I made. The marks generally wipe off, but can be removed with alcohol if needed.

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