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Most woodworking shops evolve over time. You buy that starter tool that you can afford, but realize you outgrow. Or, technology improves and you want to upgrade your tool. Maybe you even change your woodworking style, and you need a particular tool less and need new equipment to achieve your new goals.

That’s cool. Given enough time, everyone does it.  But, the bigger question comes in – what do you do with the old tools – the ones you replace?  Do you give them away to deserving causes or woodworkers? List them for sale? Just chuck ’em?

This week, let us know!  Oh, and I realize that maybe you do everything on this list, but I’d like for you to select the one that you prefer to do.


3 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. Our woodworkers guild has a section at each meeting where you can donate tools to a new home. We have been able to get a lot of guys going, who otherwise would not have been able to enjoy this fun hobby.
    Selling a tool that is no longer used allows you to buys shop supplies when the woodworking budget is tight as well.
    Good post Tom.

  2. I’m a terrible pack rat… still can’t find that darn beech coffin plane that split at the mouth. I know enough to patch it now, but have no idea where I put it. Drat.

  3. I never sell a gun and I doubt I would sell a major power tool. A second table saw would be setup with a dado set. A second band saw would have a differrent size blade. etc.

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