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Some are funny. Others focus on traditional methods of work from the 18th century. Still others focus on turning, veneering or marquetry.

Yes, woodworking blogs cover a tremendous number of topics, styles and techniques.

This week’s question was sparked by Chris Wong at Time Warp Toolworks – just how many blogs do you follow on a regular basis?  Not the blogs you look at once every blue moon – blogs you follow at least once a week.  (I wonder if Tom’s Workbench is part of your list? I can only hope!

3 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. I follow more than 20 woodworking blogs via rss. Capturing them all in google reader makes follow blogs en masse quite easy and I can’t get enough of what people want to share.


  2. I follow about 3 via RSS, however yours is the only one that actually gets read regularily as there are very few woodworking blogs out there that make regular posts(eg: more than 1-2/month).

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