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Berlin Flyer Wooden Wagons

If today’s link of the week doesn’t fix your little red wagon, at least it can be the place to find a new one!

Tucked in the rolling hills of Berlin, Ohio, what started as a company making wooden components for wheelbarrows became a company dedicated to the building of quality,old-fashioned all wood wagons. The company offers five different models of wagons – from the P-Wee Flyer all the way up to the massive Berlin Loadmaster, there’s a model that will make for a very happy young one in your life. And, yes, other than the wheel hardware and some other strategic parts, everything on these babies is wooden – the stake sides, the body and even the handles.

Centered in the middle of Amish country, the company employees 20 Amish craftsmen who are turning out wagons similar to the ones that rolled out of the factory 30 years ago. It’s good to see a company stick to its roots and offer such a great throwback project.

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One thought on “Link of the week”

  1. Wow, talk about a flash back to my childhood!
    (Except my wagon didn’t have those cool inflatable tires !)

    Really great to see these quality wagons being made.

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