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Grainger Industrial Supply

Looking for personal protection equipment to wear in the shop? How about a new motor for that old table saw your grandfather left you? A new cordless drill?

Did you know there is a place you can go to find all this stuff?  Grainger Industrial Supply has all of these parts – and millions more. I ran into one of their reps this week at the Governor’s Hurricane Conference, and he showed me the catalog of the stuff they offer… Boy, was that one thick book!   They are worldwide, have locations all over the place and have all of those oddball pieces of hardware you can’t seem to find.

(Hey, folks, please take the opportunity to read my editorial statement at the head of Monday’s column. There are several points of clarification that need to be read.)

5 thoughts on “Link of the Week”

  1. Last time I purchased anything from Grainger (and this was many years ago), you needed a tax ID number to shop there, as it was for professionals only. I had to resort to purchasing a sump motor I needed by way of my employer at the time. Has that changed?

  2. With due respect, McMaster-Carr is better and has a much friendlier website interface.

  3. No website. Dumps you to a place to send a message. Clear they don’t want to do online business……

  4. Did you click the link on the top of the page? I go to the home page where you can click on categories and order tools.

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