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This past weekend, I was knocking around in my shop and I realized I was starting to break a sweat.  A glance at my combo shop clock/thermometer showed me why – it was a balmy 87 degrees in  there – at 9:30 in the evening!  Yes, we’re starting to enter the long, hot season here in Florida.

As we start to gain on the summer (or we move from the warm summer months to the much cooler winter months south of the Equator), it’s time to start thinking about climate control in our shops. Today, let us know whether you have a totally tricked-out full-on AC/heat setup or you rely on nature to create your ambient shop temperature.


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  1. Yay for summer, eh Tom? I have shop heating for the winter, but in the summer, I open the garage door and the back door. It gives me a nice cross breeze. Except when I have to finish. Then all of the doors are closed on my sauna-er- shop.:-)

  2. My shop is in the basement so it stays a reasonable temperature (although it does get much more humid that I’d like in the summer) all year long, plus the spaces adjacent and above it are climate controlled.

    I do have have a register in my shop, but I sealed it off because I didn’t want to force dust into the rest of the house.

  3. A couple of box fans, one small oscillator, and the big door open.

    That is pretty much what the climate control budget covers….

    (But I’ll take the summer heat down here in Kissimmee over winter in Chicago anytime.)

  4. I have a natural gas Garage Guy heater (http://garageguyheater.com/), but in the Summer it’s au’ naturale for the most part. The shop is surrounded by trees, so it stays relatively cool compared to the outside. But when it is extra humid and it might screw up some work, I will turn on a wheel-around AC unit to keep the humidity down some.


  5. I have a wood stove for heat, but summer means opening the doors and getting attached by bugs or sweating in a tin sauna.

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