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So, you are bored. You use the woods you can find at your local hardwood dealer or home center, and your projects do look great. The joinery is tight. The design is pleasing to the eye. The final piece fits the area you intended perfectly.

The only problem is the wood you chose. You have your old reliable standbys, but you want more. The thought of using stain may have crossed your mind, but that’s not for you. You want wood that just looks different.

Fortunately, there are lots of different kinds of woods out there that can be had, and the variety can be rather amazing. My friends over at Bell Forest Products had prepared a bunch of board samples for a client. Once the client decided on which wood, the guys at Bell were stuck with them. So, they packed them up and shipped them to sunny Florida for a little vacation in Uncle Tom’s (and Uncle Iggy’s) shop.  The selection was impressive…

This shot features Bolivian Rosewood, redheart, quartersawn oak and flame birch.

How about this quartet of walnut, leopardwood, canary wood and curly maple?

Some really stunning choices here with East Indian rosewood, zebrawood, Honduran mahogany and birdseye maple.

Here’s a nice mix of purpleheart, bubinga and African mahogany.

A great spread of colors from padauk, santos mahogany and American holly.

And, could you possibly go wrong with jatoba, bloodwood, goncalo alves, quartersawn maple and chechen?

While some of these woods may be a little on the pricey side for an entire project, a splash of padauk, redheart or chechen can make a maple piece really shine, and a walnut piece with some holly or maple accents can really show some pizazz. It’s all in how you use it…


2 thoughts on “Color my world”

  1. Wow, some of those are really colorful.
    I think I’d like to try a piece with that redheart!

    That was pretty cool of those guys at Bell Forest Products to send those to you.

  2. I was amazed to see such variety in the wood colors. Some impressive stuff. The folks at Bell have been some of my most loyal supporters.. I really appreciate all they do!

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