A 21-banana salute

Hello again, everyone.  It’s me, Iggy the Trained Shop Monkey, and I’m stunned to announce the following…

Wood Magazine has once again chosen to print the nonsensical ramblings of Tom in their latest edition of the magazine. This time, Tom make some bad Star Trek references while talking about how is busy life affects his time in my shop. While Tom rarely makes sense, his advice about taking your time to prevent mistakes (making them is Tom’s favorite pastime, it seems) or injury really hits the mark, and his advice to slow down to enjoy your time at the bench more is borderline genius.

I have to say that so Tom feels better about himself.



4 thoughts on “A 21-banana salute”

  1. Excellent article Tom.
    I read it today and enjoyed it a lot.
    And when I slow down and don’t set unrealistic goals for myself in the shop, my quality of work goes way up.
    “Scotty, I need more speed!”
    “Captain, I’m giving it all she’s got!”

  2. Saaa-lute!

    Way to go Tom. I guess those folks at Wood Magazine do recognize good work when they see it.

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