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All of the instruction manuals for your power tools tell you to give your complete, undivided attention to operating the tools.  However, if you look into most shops, you will find that woodworkers are splitting their attention – slightly – by listening to music or talk radio while doing their work.

Wood Magazine's Bob Wilson hanging a speaker in his shop (photo courtesy Wood Magazine)

Since it’s very unlikely that you will be continuously running your table saw or router for hours on end, most woodworkers are easily able to focus on those particular cuts for the necessary time and then listen to something else between operations.  And, when it comes to a tedious task like sanding, well, a radio is very much appreciated.

This week, we want to know what you listen to while in the shop.  Sure, you may listen to several different things, but which is the primary thing you will listen to?

11 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. Podcasts. Which you want to pause while using a saw because you wouldn’t hear it. Recommend the ‘in our time’ archives from bbc radio4, ‘The history of Rome’ podcast from the iTunes directory, or any of the NPR/PRI podcasts.

  2. Tom, I can’t believe you missed this one … I listen to my favourite woodworking podcasts!

  3. I’m with Chris…multiple option choice. Music, talk, podcast, games during (fill in the blank) season.

  4. Audio books. I download books in any form, convert them to text, run them through TextAloud and put them on my iPod. Great for working in the shop or driving long distances.

  5. I used to listen to my favorite cd’s (Rory Gallagher), but found it was just background noise that I really wasn’t listening to. I do love music , but for me silence takes precedent.

  6. Audio Books (put it down as other). Audible really helps me get through sanding and other tedious work.

  7. Just the other day I was working on the router table and the piece of would that I was using as the backer block to prevent tear out got sucked into the bit area and jammed in the unit. If I had been listening to anything other then the machine that had come to a complete stopped might have caused more damage then it did.
    FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT SAY YOU CAN HANDLE IT — don’t count on it. It happens so quick.
    Be safe in the shop and pay attension to the work and listen to your tools, they will tell you how well they are working or if they are cutting.

    best of luck All,


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