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When it comes to looking for woodworking information, there are few sources as good as woodworking magazines. Articles about techniques, wood choice and tool reviews. And then there are the plans!  Tables, chairs, toys, beds… the works.

The only problem? Well, it’s kinda like that episode of Star Trek where the crew of the Enterprise had to deal with these cute little creatures called tribbles. They just kept reproducing by the minute, eventually overwhelming the ship, the space station they were docked to and – ultimately – the Klingon vessel they were beamed to.

This week, tell us what you do with your woodworking magazines once you are done reading them. Do you get rid of them as soon as you are done reading them, or do you hoard them in the nooks and crannies of your house?


6 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. I’m interested in hearing what the ” Something else is ” from those of you that voted that way . I’m getting tired of looking at these laying around the house . Share your idea’s with us !

  2. I’m with Jerry (above).
    I am starting to have a SERIOUS stack of old magazines piling up, and I hate like hell to get rid of them, but don’t see much alternative.
    (I also won a big stack from our guilds Christmas raffle….) lol

  3. Having had some experience as a husband dealing with long waits between MD appts with the wife, I usually donate the mags to the local Hope Lodge or the Ronald McDonald House. While I was waiting I found that the available mags were of the Good Housekeeping Vogue type and reading those made the time seem to go into slow motion. Besides the “wood” mags I also send or bring the Pop Sci and Pop Mech mags for the same reasons. My experience is that it seems more males are waiting than females and that female oriented mags are not in short supply. I find also that after I take my address label off the mag that if the article is interesting enougdh the reader doesn’t feel guilty about taking it along to the next stop on the list and the institutions,clinics etc don’t have a hard time with donated mags as they do with their own subscription restrictions regarding tobacco products.

  4. I drop them off at the doctors, dentist, psychologist ( ! ) office. Better than reading Redbook or People.

  5. Basically, I cut out the articles that I want save, then disperse among friends. Saving a few pages saves a lot of space.

  6. I’ve cancelled my woodworking magazine subscriptions and switched to the digital versions. I carry them all on my iPad and can open, browse and search for articles at anytime. Best of all they take up zero space!

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