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The Wood Whisperer

Look at this face…

This is a good Italian boy. He loves is mom. Eats lots of spaghetti. Probably is a secret Pavarotti fan.

We all know him as Marc Spagnuolo, the Wood Whisperer. Without his encouragement, many blogs – this one included – would have never gotten off the ground. Many woodworkers wouldn’t have taken the plunge. And, many strombolis wouldn’t have been eaten.. but that’s another story.

If you have visited his site this week – or perhaps tried to visit his site this week – you may have not been able to get through.  No, he did remember to pay his server bill.  Instead, he was the victim of a Denial of Service attack.  Basically, some troublemaker out there figured out a way to get computers from around the world to make millions of demands on the server his site is being hosted on. Because the flood came in, we weren’t able to get there.  Total gridlock. Total bummer.

Even worse, his service provider is offering very little in the way of help to get Marc out of trouble. He’s managed to get things sort of back and running with some bubble gum, spit and bailing wire, but he’s going to eventually have to find a new home – one that will offer more assistance when it comes to keeping the bad guys at bay.

Right now, he’s also on the hook for the charges that have been incurred since this little attack has started. Marc has asked for our help, so if you have been on the fence for joining the Wood Whisperer’s guild, or you need a snazzy new t-shirt, why not stop by and give Marc  a hollar.  Remember, the majority of the stuff he has done is free of charge for anyone to read. I’m sure he’d appreciate your support!

4 thoughts on “Link of the Week”

  1. It’s ridiculous that he’s on the hook for what is actually poor network support on the part of his ISP. They have an obligation to manage the traffic flow, and in a case wherre it’s obviously malicious, they had the means (if apparently not the intelligence) to block or restrict the attack at their network. he might want to consider threatening to sue them for failing to provide the service that he paid for…

  2. Helping Marc is a small sacrifice for all he’s done to help promote woodworking.
    If everyone pitches in, this will all be behind him in no time.

    And it is good of you to make this your Link of the Week !

  3. I tried to order a shirt, but they were out of my size, so I just donated the $. The same sort of thing occurred at Steve Good’s scrollsaw.workshop.blogspot yesterday. Somebody must hate woodworkers.

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