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There’s nothing like getting a brand new shiny tool. Or, maybe a sweet new jig to make your router do more. Or… well, you get the idea.

Anyway, you open the box, take out the three thousand screws, parts and and other things and – most importantly – the user’s manual. You may look at it during the assembly… or not. And, you may refer to it during the first use. Then, you are left with that darned manual..

Today, tell us what happens to your users manuals. Do you keep them handy, or do they just go away?

5 thoughts on “Quick poll”

  1. I keep them completely organized and handy.
    Including receipts stapled to the covers, along with all pertinent numbers and adjustment specs as well.
    When you get as old as me, you really need to do things to help alleviate the need for memory! lol

  2. I file them away but first I go online to see if I can download a pdf version of the manual. I prefer to archive the electronic version than paper.

  3. I look the manuals up on the internet and place copies in my “library” folder in case I need to reference them in the future and the originals have disappeared.

  4. I have a drawer in the file cabinet in the shop that I put all the manuals in, but I also go online and download a copy when possible.

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