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Hometown Woodworking

In addition to Marc Spagnuolo, there’s one other person I have to thank for helping me take that first step into woodworking blogging. Her name is Gail O’Rourke. She’s a talented woodworker from Cape Cod who invited me up to a charity build-a-thon at a woodworking school in Indiana back in the fall of 2005. From that one contact, I was inspired to take the next steps into the wonderful world of online woodworking.

Gail has recently had her website redone, and it’s still being tweaked. But, I thought I would list it here today to let you know she’s back online. Check out her site, which links to an article about her Cabinetmaker Magazine, he brand-new blog and a video pilot of a show she had shot. It’s a great tour of what you can find in a lumber yard.. a great primer for the new woodworker.

Thanks, Gail, for all you have done for me!

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