Stuff I’ve built: The hanging wall cabinet

Can it be that time of the year again? The National Art Program show is back at the Pinellas County courthouse, and I had to get back into the competition. Sure, there were other project ideas I was going to build. A chair with bent laminated legs and a carved seat. Didn’t have the time to get that one built. Dominic wanted to enter a bench. Nope. Too many things going on with him.

Ahh, but I did have one trick up my sleeve. I wanted to build a hanging wall cabinet, and I had a really good model to work from over at the Wood Whisperer’s Guild. Gauging my design off of that, I built one of these…

This is my version of the case made of walnut and tiger maple. The case stands about 26 inches tall by 16 inches wide by 7 inches deep. It’s a very straightforward design, with a drawer and a taller part of the case covered by a pair of doors.

The corners were joined by a through dovetails. And, no, I did not hand cut them. They are WAAAAAYYYY too tight for that.

The doors are the ones I wrote about last week – mitered.  The drawer is box-jointed walnut and maple.

The real design question was with the handles. I couldn’t just go buy handles at some hardware store, I needed to do something a little more fancier and shop made. I toyed with a few designs and was going to go with a pair of shell-type pulls I would cut out of tiger maple and cove out over at the router table. While pondering how I would make this cut, I was struck by how thick and chunky the blanks were that I had roughed out on the band saw. That’s when inspiration hit me – why not split them in half and use the bookmatched grain to do something interesting… kinda like this on the door.

Or these babies as the drawer pulls.

I finished the piece by sanding it to 220 grit, then wiping it down with a coat of 1# cut dewaxed shellac. Once dried, I sanded it down with 220 grit paper to get it baby’s behind smooth. From there, I applied two coats of my hand mixed oil/varnish blend, sanding with 400 grit paper between coats. Finally, I buffed it down with some paste wax to give it a nice soft luster.

It goes into the display cases today, and next Monday, we’ll see how well is places in this year’s contest.  Wish me luck!


11 thoughts on “Stuff I’ve built: The hanging wall cabinet”

  1. Very nice. I really like how you chose the grain for the door frames – it almost feels like they are a raised panel. Good luck with the competition!

  2. Good luck in the show.
    I like the drawer pulls. Not only for the grain match but also the simple attractive design.


  3. That’s very nice work. I think the doors are beautiful. Wish I could do something like that but I’m not quite there yet. One day though. How are the cabinet corners joined?

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Being in the market for a dovetail jig….may i ask what dovetail jig you used for the case? Wonderful work on the cabinet 🙂

  5. Thanks, George. The jig I used was my Keller 1500. Easy to set up and use… the results are pretty darned good…

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