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So, yesterday I got some woodworking done. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the kind of woodworking I could do at the workbench. Instead, it took the shape of helping to install about 150 feet of privacy fence in my yard and my neighbor’s yard.

After about five hours of digging post holes, lifting fence panels and screwing them into place, a neighbor noticed I had left a bit of a gap between panels and asked, “Gosh, Tom, as a woodworker, I expected you would be into absolute precision and making this perfect.”

This week’s question was a natural follow up to that… have you found that your skills and precision in building woodworking projects translating into improving your skills in other DIY applications such as carpentry?


4 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. I am in the process of making Grandma a new front porch.

    It’s not exactly minutely detailed work, but my woodworking experience certainly has helped me solve problems that arise much faster.

    Boring holes through 4X’s and driving big lag screws isn’t like hand cutting dove tails, but it’s been a fun change of pace.

    It’s also reminding me of how easier it was to do 25 years ago…lol

    But old Granny is going to love it!

  2. I think in a way yes and in a way no. My work is better but I have also became a lot more fussy in every aspect of a carpentry project (like the stuff no one can see and really doesn’t matter one bit, but it bothers me). So my projects are better but they take a lot longer even so I have the know how and the proper tools. So is that loose win or win loose or win………………..

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