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Over the years, I have accumulated some extra boards of project lumber. Some sweet walnut boards from a mill that was going out of business. Some awesome tiger maple boards my friends at Bell Forest Products sent me. A few extra cherry boards I bought because the mistakes I thought I was going to make didn’t happen.

While having extra wood on hand is awesome… you do have something you have to consider – how on earth will you store those extra boards?

This week, tell us how you store your extra boards… or, even if you have extra boards to begin with!

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  1. Angled holes drilled in the edge of several 2×4’s, then attached to wall, then using 1/2″ water pipe for standards. I found this idea in Woodsmith magazine. Works great!! Been on my shop wall for ten years. Several years ago a friend remodeled his basement and was going to throw out tons of ash tongue and groove paneling. For time spent taking all the ash off the walls he gave it all to me. I am still using this ash for many projects. My bargain of a lifetime.

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