The spooky morning after

It’s actually very scary today. Tom and his ever-suffering wife Rhonda held a big Halloween bash last night – in MY shop! While the event was a blast – and the guests were totally awesome – I think Tom went a little bit over the top. I mean, I know he loves power tools, but come on, Tom….

That’s not the proper use of a reciprocating saw! And, I don’t think the neighbors are really going to like the results…

Heck, I don’t think the pumpkin on the left is too comfortable being near your masterpiece.

Now, the shop is a mess. Halloween decorations are heaved everywhere, the bench and table saw are not where they need to be and there is the unmistakable smell of pumpkin innards wafting through the garage. Total bummer…

Fortunately, Tom has the right monkey working on the job for this one. I’ll spend most of the day getting the shop back into shape, and when the sleeping beauty wakes up, we’ll be back on track.

Now, who knows how to clean pumpkin guts out of a reciprocating saw?


One thought on “The spooky morning after”

  1. Great use for the saw! lol
    THAT will make short work out of carving duty!

    Thank goodness Tom has you on the job for clean up.

    Unfortunately, the only trick or treater I expect to show up today with all this rain, is Aqua-man!

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