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Gorilla Glue

Hello again, everyone. It’s me, Iggy the Trained Shop Monkey.  I had to write today’s link of the week because Tom is ***STILL*** prancing around the shop bragging about how good of a job he did on that Monkey Stool. It’s a good thing, if I don’t let him celebrate his small victories, he’ll spend MORE time playing that bass of his (poorly).

That’s OK. Besides, if he was writing this, you wouldn’t get to hear about my new primate friends down at Gorilla Glue.


Yup, my bigger cousins make some seriously awesome glues. They have their signature polyurethane glue, their newer type II water resistant PVA offerings, epoxy, instant glues, duct tape… they have it all. They even sent me my own care package to help with my ongoing efforts to make Tom a better woodworker.

Now, all I have to do is keep the big galoot from getting his fingers stuck to the project!

One thought on “Link of the week”

  1. Very nice!
    I can see a slight family resemblance!
    I’ve been using Gorilla glue more and like it.

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