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They are the first places we head to when we get to our shops. Whether it holds that first cup of joe in the morning, a delicate  piece that needs to be fitted into a project or a massive piece that needs some joinery cut into it, your bench is the center of your workshop.

And, as that central hub in your shop, your workbench can play into just how much enjoyment you get from being in the shop. In some cases, the bench is a real pleasure to use. In others.., well…

This week, let us know just how happy you are with the bench in your shop. Is it the pinnacle of woodworking enjoyment, or does it make you want to turn it into kindling?


4 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. I Like my workbench, it could be better, but it’s not so bad that I’d go out of the way to look for or build another one.

    It’s really not the workbench that’s my problem it’s the pile of stuff that ends up on top of it that I have to move to get anything done.

  2. I like all seven of my workbenches, most are a Holtzapfel style. I like the Nicholson bench for cost, ease of building, and function. In my opinion with those factors nothing else comes close. The Holtzapfel’s are second because they are easiest to transport as they knock down well.

  3. Three benches, a tall 39hx24x60″ (my height & design), a complete Roubo style (from a Monastery1920’s) and a small Leonard carvers style. End vises, side vise, chain leg vise, medium steel vise with anvil and a Old Moxen style just for that special add on vise.

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