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Money is always tight. You have to pay the mortgage or rent. You have to put food on the table. Gas in the tank. And, you occasionally like to go on a vacation, right?

That’s why when it’s time to plunk down your hard-earned money for a new tool, you want to made sure that you are getting your money’s worth at a minimum.  So, while you are evaluating your purchase, where do you get the best advice on what tools to purchase?

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  1. You need to add an “ALL OF THE ABOVE” catagory. Sometimes it is hard to give just one answer to some questions. Maybe allow more than one vote per person.


  2. If it’s a BIG dollar purchase, I’m going to where the item can be found and touch, feel, examine, try if possible and read everything that can be found on it.
    If it is a medium to low range tool, I will do a lot of research online and read blogs like yours.
    Magazine tool comparisons can also be helpful sometimes.

    High ticket items deserve very careful research before plunking down my hard earned dough.

    Thanks Tom.

  3. Well, lately not this guy at Woodcraft. Every time I go in and ask for advice, he keeps trying to upsale me on things I don’t need. Just be aware if you go to the one around Richmond, VA.

    I find the best advice in online Forums, but even that you have to try to figure out what they’re using (said tool) for and see if it’s similar to your situation. I recently bought a midi lathe and to counter dict what I just said, the best advice I got (and which swayed my purchasing decision) was through a review in Fine Woodworking.

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