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They are often the first power saw a home owner will buy. They can cut curves and straight lines. It can cut through wood, metal, plexiglass and other materials. With the right blade and proper techniques, they can make very smooth cuts, or with the wrong blade… it will make a  mess of your project.

The jigsaw or saber saw is one of those tools most woodworkers either love or don’t… it can be a problem solver or its own problem altogether.   What are your thoughts about the humble jigsaw?

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  1. I used mine a lot before I got a bandsaw. I still use it some, but mainly I use it for rough-cutting boards to length.

  2. I’ve had several (8 or 10) over the years and used to hate them! Then I bought a GOOD one and love it.
    A jigsaw is definitely one of those things that makes a difference in quality. I wouldn’t carry a $29.00 jig saw home to throw away!!


  3. I think that the less complicated your designs are the less there is need for specialty tools like a jig saw. I need a relatively decent speed when I’m fabricating things so ther may be other ways but if they take longer I’m not too interested.

  4. I have a DeWalt that is OLD, REALLY OLD and it raises to the task every time I need it!
    I use it less now that I have a band saw and scroll saw, but there are certain applications where it is the “go to” to!
    Thanks Tom.

  5. I purchased my Bosh about 4 years ago and can only remeber using it twice. I have 2 bandsaws and use them for the type of work that I do in my shop now.

  6. Roger you are spot on. The problem is cheap. Buy a good one (as pictured above) and you will change your thinking.

  7. I use my bandsaw mostly, however there are situations where only my jigsaw (or a coping saw) will do. My Festool is a pleasure to use and never disappoints.

  8. I know this is old topic… but my .02.

    I had an old crappy one and hated it!!!! A couple years ago I got a nice barrel grip Bosch and only used it a few times…. but every time I get it out it amazes me and I wonder why I dont use it more often.

    I tend to gravitate to the non power tool route for anything other than a long rip cut…. but a good jig saw can do amazing things FAST!

  9. Nik –

    Better late than never I say. I’ve heard that the quality of the saw and the quality of the blade dictate how frequently you use the saw… You are furthering my belief in this theory…

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