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So, I meant to get into the shop to put stuff away today.  Really.

But, I’m packing up to go to the Governor’s Hurricane Conference.  And, I had to make a big pot of marinara sauce for a party I went to tonight. And… well… I had a few excuses.

It’s a shame, because my shop could use a very good cleaning.

This got me to wondering… take a moment before you answer this poll.  Pop your head into your shop.  Give it a good once over.  And, let us know, just what is the state of cleanliness in your shop right now?


4 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. I had to read that 3 times before I read “marinara” and not “marijuana”. I bet it would have made the party better!

  2. What a coincidence.
    I am usually religious about cleaning the shop after each session, and tonight, I just ran out of gas. The place is a BIG mess. My current project, a nice fishing pole rack will be done tomorrow and the shop will get a good cleaning.
    Thanks Tom.
    PS: Give the Governor our best!

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