Tools I use: My computers

I can’t live without my computers.

Call me addicted, but, I have become a creature of the Internet. Every day, I work with one at the office. And, when  I’m not at work, well, I like to do more stuff on the them!

I’ve had a few folks ask me over the years just what I use to put Tom’s Workbench up on the web.  You’d be surprised just how little computing power I have at my fingertips…

The main computer I use is this ancient (in computer years) iBook G4 my wife and I bought on Valentine’s Day back in 2004.  With a totally amped up 40 gb hard drive… well, it still runs.  We bought a little USB plug in drive with 500 gb  storage for us to move the family photos to. None of the big browsers supports this baby any more, so we’re kinda stuck with the last versions of the software out there.

We love to get the most out of our purchases… we’re probably on our third battery for this baby and we have literally typed the characters off the keyboard.  No fooling.

Fortunately, we recognized the need to upgrade the equipment last year, and we took advantage of a great deal on a new netbook computer over at Best Buy. Plus, with our sons getting more computer-based homework, well, we really needed something a little more modern.

This is the little Toshiba netbook computer. With all the bells and whistles, it came out to a tad more than $600, and it really does work like a champ.. once I got used to the smaller keyboard. It runs Windows 7 light, and it allows us the chance to use programs that the Mac doesn’t run.

One of these days, I would like to upgrade the Mac with maybe one of those newer MacBook pros. I’d love to get a little bit more into doing videos for Tom’s Workbench, but wow, the old Mac is pretty slow.

Until then, we limp on.  And, I am adding my new Droid phone to the mix as well, giving me more computing power.

I seriously doubt we will ever have the bleeding-edge latest computer equipment, but so far, we manage, and Tom’s Workbench gets posted on a regular basis.


3 thoughts on “Tools I use: My computers”

  1. This is kind of ironic.
    My old computor started to die on me. (monitor was going hay-wire) It was an OLD Panasonic that I bought for my business in 1998! Yep, I’ve been using it for thirteen years! It spent the first eight years riding on my tool truck and then I retired it to my shop when I retired.
    Last weekend, my son and I (I use him for all my ‘putor needs) went to Wallyworld and I just bought a Toshiba very simular to yours. Just getting used to it now. It is hard for us old dogs to learn new tricks. 🙂


  2. Just goes to show you that its not the tool but the user that makes it happen.

    although like many things having a better tool makes it easier to be a good user haha 😀

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