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The Cool Hammer Company

Artist. Craftsman. Teacher.

There are a lot of things you can call woodworker Ron Brown, but one of the most appropriate thing might be woodworking wizard.

Known for his how-to videos, plans and pen blanks, perhaps his most notable project plans are to make some crazy personalized hammers.

Yes, these are hickory handled hammers with the letters scroll sawn through the handles.  Ron sells DVDs that show the procedure step-by-step so you can build your own.  Needless to say, you aren’t going to be using these for driving nails after they are done.

Definitely a site you want to check out.

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  1. I made three of those. I gave on to my brother, and two for friends. One of the friends is more mechanically inclined so his was a ball peen hammer. 🙂


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