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It’s everywhere, and – if you are like me – Β it’s probably the first finish other than paint you ever used on a woodworking project.

It’s canned brush on polyurethane, and it’s available at every major retailer. Just about all of the major manufacturers sell the stuff, and everyone in your local mega home improvement retailer recommends it for wood finishing.

And, there’s a lot to like. It creates a tough, water and abrasion resistant surface. It also takes a great deal of skill to lay down properly, dries slowly and makes some projects look plastic.

This week, how do you feel about brush on poly as a finish?

6 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. He, Tom. I really would expect it to be anyplace that sells it and to not be at any place that doesn’t sell it. Sorry – couldn’t resist!


  2. Poly is pretty much fool proof if you follow the directions.
    And, seeing that I’m an old fool, I kind of gravitate towards it…LOL
    Although I have been experimenting with other finishes and I’ve been pleased with my slow but sure progress.
    Thanks Tom.

  3. Oh, Jim… you scamp! I realize I wrote this last night while watching the VCU/Kansas game… and I was wildly distracted! πŸ™‚

  4. I mostly use wipe on poly these days, but when I need a really tough durable surface, I go with the brush on, thinned down. It dries quicker, eliminating the drips. Take twice as many coat, however.

  5. I use poly most of the time. I just can’t get beyond how tough and durable it is. I use brush on when it makes sense, but mostly I use the wipe on version. While I consider poly the finish of choice for beginners, I’ve noticed recently how some very respected woodworkers still use it.

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