Come one… come all!

Hello, everyone, it’s me, Iggy the Trained Shop Monkey again. While Tom has been out bragging about his successes, I’ve been the guy in the background, rapping his knuckles with a wooden dowel Mr. Miyagi style when he fouls up. I have also been practicing my hand cut dovetails using nothing but a common frozen household herring.  I’m just about there…

But the real reason why I’m writing today is to let you know that I’ll be making an appearance at the upcoming Woodworking Show to be held this weekend at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa.

If you have never been to a Woodworking Show, it’s definitely worth the trip. You get a chance to meet with vendors who have some incredible woodworking products for sale. You get to see some awesome projects in the show-off area. You get a chance to sit in on boffo woodworking classes on everything from slabbing timber to applying a lustrous finish. And, you get a chance to meet some exceptionally talented woodworkers…

Well, talented woodworkers other that Tom.

We’ll be working near Andy Chidwick’s booth on the expo hall.  Look for Tom and I all day Saturday – we plan on being there the entire day.  Well, if we aren’t at the table, either we’re eating, using the ‘facilities’ or drooling over tools.

While we’ll be doing the meet and greet thing, the one subject we are getting good with is blogging in the online woodworking community.  Swing on by, and we can talk about things… well, I’ll speak intelligently, and Tom will be doing his typical antics.

Remember, this will be the only stop for the Woodworking show in Florida… so, when they pull up stakes at on Sunday, that’s all, folks.  Don’t miss your chance to come out to the show!


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