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When it comes to keeping your shop – and sinuses and lungs – clean, there’s nothing like a good dust collection system.

Capturing dust at its source is the most effective way to keep the mess at bay. This week, let us know what your basic dust collection set up looks like. Sure, there are many ways to collect dust, and in many shops, there are several methods at work. Just tell us about the main one in your shop – the one that gets the most work.

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3 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. My “something else” is sort of a dedicated dust collector moved from tool to tool. It’s a heavy duty shop vac (2 1/2″ hose) hooked through a Dust Deputy.

  2. It’s funny, I have the exact set up depicted in the picture, except I just have a hose I move from tool to tool because my shop is so small.
    This set up is infinitely better then my old underpowered, bag system.
    That separator can, along with the HF collector and canister filter is inexpensive & really does the trick.
    Thanks Tom.

  3. I chose something else in the poll because I have two collectors- One (two bag system turned into two stage) dedicated to 6″ belt sander,chop saw and planer. One two stage (motor on top of garbage can) system moving between table and jointer. Works well! Tom………..

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