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Titebond’s Woodworking Glue page

So, wood glue is wood glue, right?

Not so fast. Do you need the glue to tack quickly? Withstand the weather? Emit no noxious fumes? Dry with a rigid bond?

There are many different varieties of wood glues out there. That’s why Titebond, one of the largest glue manufacturers, put this page together. From the basics of working with wood glue to the unique properties of the different varieties out there, this page is an excellent starting point to learn about the glues you use – and discover varieties you may have never heard of before.

Besides offering the lowdown on the different glue varieties, you can also find useful tips for achieving the best glue up and even read the material data safety sheets to learn what’s in them.

This site may help you out of more than a few sticky situations!



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