Convenience in the cabinet

Now that we’re in 2011, my wife and I are looking forward to working with our newly organized cabinets.

Last week, I sorta kinda completed the work in the kitchen cabinets. I just have a few more details to complete and my wife is covering the shelves with contact paper to make them look pretty and be a little more functional.  It’s the non-slip, cushiony kinda contact paper like the stuff you would line the bottom of a set of tool drawers with…

The pull out trays were built very simply. First, I ripped the sides from a 2 x 8 southern yellow pine construction board.  Yes.  This sweet SYP was destined to be a door header or some other structural member.  The stuff we get at the local Home Depot and Lowe’s is great to work with.  Once I ripped the pieces to size, I then milled a 3/4″ groove down the side.  It’s actually a little shy of 3/4″, because it was cut with an undersized plywood bit on my router.

The 3/4″ ply I bought for the shelves fits perfectly into the groove.  Following the instructions that came with the slides, I made the width of the drawers one inch less the distance between the upright frames.  Once I glued the ply into the groove and glued the joint where the sides and front intersected. Then, I reinforced the joints with brads.

Sure, I could have used dovetails or finger joints, but ya know what, the drawers certainly don’t have to look pretty.  The cabinet doors will be closed most of the time, especially when we have visitors. Also, with the glue and the snug fit, I’m confident that the joints will hold for years. And, with the sweet rolling action of the slides, things should be cooking in the kitchen.

5 thoughts on “Convenience in the cabinet”

  1. Nice job Tom, but instead of contact or shelf paper I’d recommend using stick on vinyl floor tiles to line the shelves. After replacing shelf paper a few times I’ve found the tiles look better longer and hold up better. They can also be cheaper than some of the shelf paper, if you’re not too picky and get them on clearance.

  2. I used 1 1/2″ thick pieces of SYP joined into rectangles with pocket screws. I made them all the same size and screwed them to the floor and the back of the cabinets. The slides were attached to the cross pieces.

  3. Turned out good Tom, did your cabinets have a center stile you had to remove or do your doors close against each other. My wife has been asking for something similar for some time now, the cabinets have a center stile on them, I think I cut the style free and attach it to one of the doors so the cabinets have the same look when closed but then open fully.

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