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Cruddy weather today in the United States and Canada. Snow and record cold in western Europe. Yup, winter’s coming FAST in the northern hemisphere.  And, even if you are entering the Austral summer south of the Equator, you still had some chilly weather to deal with.

This week, tell us how you heat your shop.  Do you rely on using your wood scraps, a portable space heater or a whole shop setup?

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8 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. The survey would have more meaning if you had factored in the average winter temperatures. I’m sure that would have produce far different responses.

  2. I currently use a portable electric oil heater. Once I break down and super insulate, I plan to heat the shop just from the head leakage of the adjoining house.

  3. Best of both worlds in my log cabin shop up in the northern woods (Gatineau Hills), electric radiant cables in the concrete floor slab keep the shop above freezing, wood stove when I’m in the shop brings the temperature up for comfort and wood working safety — never mind glue curing limitations, its hard to chisel and plane with accuracy when you’re shivering.

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