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Paper or plastic?  Aisle or window seat? Soup or salad?

When it comes to our everyday lives, there are lots of decisions to make, and there will always be people who will want to debate the merits of each choice.  Some do it with great passion.

In woodworking, there are lots of debates to be had as well about the choice of tools and methods. Some of those debates are brought up time and again… and again… and again.

This week, what do you think is the most overdone ‘debate’ in woodworking?  Is it even on this list, or do you know of others where the proverbial dead horse is beaten?

EDIT:  I’ve added some of the best ones submitted by the readers that I should have had there in the first place!  Thanks, everyone!

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7 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. Fanatical sharpening! Some people will spend their entire free time sharpening tools but never use them to cut anything. I recently noticed a 12000 grit abrasive is available. Why??!!??

  2. My experience on the net is that there is far more conversation about woodworking and tools than actual projects. I guess that’s part of the social networking aspect.
    There are many ways to build things with wood. Some can get quite pricey while others can be extremely time consuming.
    You have to find what’s best for you and accept the rest as useful alternatives.

  3. BOY!!!! That is a tuffy!! Too bad that I was limited to only one vote. There are several that have been debated over and over.
    After reading the comments, I would have to agree with Bob. There is alot more talk about what is better than any work to show why it is better.
    I just say “Different strokes for different folks” and do what I want to do, which is constantly trying different things just to see if I can do it or if it works as advertized.


  4. Yep, I could add a few more. Nothing quite shows up that we are indeed individuals as our pet peeves. They have all been over-debated and will continue to be as long as there are woodworkers. It is part of the sport of woodworking. New generations of us will learn and decide as they are dragged over the same debates. As Rog says “different strokes for different folks”. May it ever be so!

  5. to many people want an exact set of plans or exactly what finish or what namebrand tool did so and so use, or what ever, for a project and they dont take the time to try to figure something out on their own. Most of us work in wood to relax and enjoy ourselves and all this exactness, to me, takes away from this enjoyment. If you like something (a project, a tool or what ever), do what you can to do it to the best of your ability, or figure out what works for you, or what ever. But dont get so up tight about the details. Be yourself and have a good time in the shop and do things for you. Dont be a copy cat or free thinker. If you like a Moris rocker or Greene & Greene bookcase, build it. It doesn’t have to be an exact reproduction, but just your version. After all they already built what they wanted to now take that info and build something that you can say is yours.

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