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Woodworkers love to build projects, and few are as necessary or satisfying as those we build for the shop.  Workbenches. Tool stands. Jigs and fixtures.

Tool storage and transporting projects, however, are seen by many as a true sign of craftsmanship.  I mean, when you roll up to a job with a boss tool tote or show off your hand crafted tool storage cart, well, now we’re talking.

This week, have you ever built your own tool storage and transport projects, and how’d you do?

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8 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. Most of what I’ve built for tool storage has been purely for functionality, using what materials I’ve had on hand (construction lumber, old folding doors, scrap wood…) Definitely not something I’d want to show off.

    Over the years, I have started to appreciate fine joinery and other woodworking skills and trying to practice them. Someday I want to build things like the toolbox you pictured.

  2. I am with Benjamen, my tool storage is purely functional. My hand planes are kept in the same Lie-Nielsen boxes plus socks that they were shipped to me in. I have no desire to have my hand planes on display, I want them protected.
    The tool storage I built was basically a cart to be able to wheel my Festool tools and accessories around the shop and to a site.

  3. I would consider building some fine tool cases if that would mean more money to me as advertising and I don’t see that happening for now.
    Is all about return on investment and functionality. I would rather invest the time on a great looking coffee table or an outdoor bar.

  4. I’ve built all the tool storage for my shop plus cabinets and jigs. I find it more satisfying to build items for the shop than furniture.

  5. Tried and trashed. Bad plans and too heavy – but I may complete it at some point so I stop tripping on it on the way to the bathroom.

  6. Yes, I already built a tool chest, because my plastic toolbox has no more space for my tools. Unfortunately, the tool chest I built is so heavy that I almost cannot lift it up when it’s empty! At the end of story, I added four small wheels and it became very practical shop-only toolchest, tall right enough to sit on it. 🙂

    By the way, do you have any advice for lightweight material suitable for *movable* tool chest?

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