Stuff I’ve Built: Paul’s Home Office

Remember this?

That was my friend Paul’s home office arrangement when he called me over and asked me to consider helping him build a home office setup.  Something with storage, work space and a nice little computer area.  What he had obviously wasn’t going to work.

Well, it’s been about two and one half months, and, we’ve gotten to…

Hold on, that’s the Finnish line….

Nah, that’s the finishing line…

That’s it!  We’ve gotten to the finish line… and boy, does it look good…

The doors are in, the drawers all work and the book shelf is ready to be loaded up. Paul and his wife spent a lot of time with the finish – Waterlox on all of the panels that are cherry plywood and Danish oil on all the solid wood doors and drawer fronts. The computer desk and the CPU tower cases are grommeted to allow the cables to run without snaking all over the place.

Even with the sweet finished  product staring me in the face, there was something I enjoyed a whole lot more than getting this one completed.

It was the fact that Paul and I were able to work so well together and both of us were able to learn a tremendous amount about cabinetry. Oh, and I got to meet and work with a hell of a guy…

Now, time to clean up the shop, get everything sharpened, and start thinking about the next project.

8 thoughts on “Stuff I’ve Built: Paul’s Home Office”

  1. It looks great. It looks like you even remembered to vent the back of the computer. I’ve seen several custom cabinet jobs (I am a computer geek) that forgot to do this and subsequently melted the computer installed in them.

    Enjoy the blog. Keep it up!

  2. This is Paul – the other half of the project. I’m a bit of a computer geek so venting was really important. Both the CPU and the cabinet that holds the router, modem, etc. have vents. It was a great project and Tom was a pleasure to work with. I’m a lot smarter now than I was when we started.

  3. Beautiful and a job well done to you both! Tom, love your articles; thanks and keep them coming.

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