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Football season. Baseball season. Hunting season. The holiday season.

There are times in the year for just about everything. For some woodworkers, there is also a woodworking season – the time of the year when they can get into the shop and start building.

Woodworkers may wait for the temperatures to warm up or to cool down. Others may have to wait for kids to start school or to start their summer break. And, for others still, there isn’t any let off at all – it’s woodworking year round.

This week, let us know when your woodworking ‘season’ happen.

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5 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. Being retired, with no children at home, and a ‘comfy’ shop, I do my wood working when ever I get inspired to make something. I could just say “During daylight hours”.


  2. I have two woodworking seasons; late spring/early summer, and late summer/early fall. It’s two cold in the winter for finishing, and to hot in the summer to work comfortably.

  3. Living in Southern California we have nice weather all year round, so I get to do my woodworking with the shop doors wide open almost every day.


  4. But then I live in the beautiful sub-tropical climate of Sydney, Australia, where cold is 14 degrees (celsius) and hot is 35 degrees celsius. So I never complain about our weather.

  5. I try to do it year around. There are times the heater won’t heat the garage well enough for the coldest times, but I try.

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