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Unless you have been living under a rock – or avoiding Tom’s Workbench altogether – for the past week or so, you have probably guessed that we were on a family vacation.  We visited Boston, Massachusetts and then spent a few leisurely days in Cape May, NJ.

While driving back, I got to thinking… when my wife and I were planning this vacation, I started jotting down a few ideas of what I wanted to do while up there in the northeast. Several of the ideas involved woodworking.

So, this week’s question has to do with your vacation planning.  When thinking about your get away, do you make woodworking an essential part of the planning, or do you lean toward avoiding it altogether?

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2 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. Another timely post, Tom. I’m on vacation in the northeast myself right now. While I don’t expect to do any actual woodworking while away I do plan to shop for vintage hand planes, catch up on my woodworking magazine & book backlog and maybe even make a long overdue blog posting.

    Welcome home. I hope your trip was nice.

  2. Hi Tom, this post is worth more than a tick in the box. One of the highlights of my holidays is to visit the local artists and galleries displaying woodcraft. It is very inspiring and provides heaps of news ideas about future projects and their design. It is also great to walk in the forest to see the source of the wood.

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