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Routers are exceptionally versatile tools.  They can hold a number of different sizes and types of bits, tackle a multitude of joinery tasks and can do all of this joinery very quickly and efficiently.

The real fun starts when it comes to how many different configurations the router can be employed. Table mounted. Horizontal table mounted. With any one of several different bases.

This week, let us know if you have a preferred configuration for setting up and using your router.

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6 thoughts on “Quick Poll”

  1. I have a DW625 set up in my Woodrat, a PC7518 in the Bench Dog lift for the router table, a 1/8″ in my Bosch Colt, and two PC 690s for everything else. My favorite to use is probably the DW in the Woodrat for mortises. I love the plunge bars on that thing. They let you plunge with one hand while you move the wood with the Woodrat.

  2. I am glad to see that most woodworkers choose the router configuration based on the task at hand. It’s sort of like asking what is your favorite bit. The bit is chosen by the task at hand.


  3. Definitely one of the most versatile tools in the shop.
    And I find more & more ways to incorporate it in to my projects.
    Thanks Tom.

  4. Watch your fingers – I have been injured and I just reviewed a care where the user lacerated two fingers to the bone and lost part of one finger completely. I got my injury setting us feather boards to protect my fingers and clipped my thumb doing it. I did not go to the ER but handled it myself but now my thumb looks like a Freud cabinet door profile – just kidding.

    The other thing that if you are increasing the size of a cut or slot move the wood toward the blade to avoid climb cutting and allowing the piece to get away from you.

    Table mounted all the way unless doing edge work with a trim router.


  5. Actually I think it is away from the blade not toward the blade – I need clarification from the moderator.

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