Are we there yet?

If you were ever a child stuck in a car on a very long family road trip, no doubt there came the moment during the long time in the car that you piped up and asked the burning question on your mind.  “Are we there yet?”

And, if as an adult, you have ever had to drive during a long road trip with at least one child in the car, you have experienced that sinking feeling as one of the little  passengers in the seat behind you asks that universal question. Of course you will get there when you do, and it’s up to you to ensure that you get there in one piece without collecting any speeding tickets or having an accident.

My inner woodworking traveling child and adult are battling it out on my latest cabinet project I’m building for my friend Paul.

The woodworking child in me is kicking the front seat and growing impatient with the pace of progress.  Plus, the fact that working in the shop  on 98 degree days with a heat index of 110 is bringing out his grumpy side.

On the other hand, the woodworking adult in me is watching the project odometer consistently tick by, adding up the miles until we reach our woodworking destination and can begin celebrating the finished project.

For instance, we no longer have a jumble of cut cabinet parts, but actual cabinets that were built and moved to Paul’s house.

While I was out in the shop, Paul had built a base frame for the cabinets and prepared the area in his living room for work.  While the cabinets were nice to see by themselves, they really came into their  own once they were stacked onto the base and screwed together.

Now, as the rational, well reasoned woodworking adult, I know there are many more miles to go with this project.  Assembling and mounting the other bank of cabinets to the right.  Building nine drawers and mounting them into the right boxes. Face frames. Tops. A bookcase and desktop. Finish. There will still be some tough traveling to go until we get there.

But, boy, with that woodworking kid inside me be jumping for joy once we do!

5 thoughts on “Are we there yet?”

  1. Tom,
    Looks like you’re booking down the freeway. Godspeed on the journey and don’t forget the rest stops. Everyone deserves a Cinnabon now and then.

  2. It’s funny that you should use that expression. The other day I was undergoing a colonoscopy. They put you to sleep now but I guess they calculated the amount of medication incorrectly because I woke up at the tail end (excuse the pun) of the procedure. I knew where I was immediatly so I just lay still on my left side while exposed to the harsh lights of the OR – it was cold and there was shrinkage>

    So to alert my tunneling team that I was awake I spoke the following:

    Are we there yet?

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