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This coming Sunday in the United States is Father’s Day.  For woodworkers who have kids, it’s a great weekend to get into the shop and spend some quality time with the little ones building some family projects.

But, what to build?  And, what are some of the best tips to follow to make that shop time more enjoyable for everyone?

Published woodworking author Paul Meisel may have the answer.  His site offers a wide variety of project plans and the necessary hardware to make your shop session a success.  From the easiest to build birdhouse to something a little more complicated – like a tennis ball throwing trebuchet – give dads (and moms, if they are of the woodworking persuasion) plenty of choices to consider.

Browse the plans… you just might like that togetherness a day in the shop can bring on this special weekend.

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  1. Thanks Tom – this site is exactly what I was looking for as I am about to become a Grandfather (7 months) and I want to build a cradle. I will stay away from the cribs as recent safety issues may concern the new parents. I intend to finish with boiled linseed oil and shellac – or do you have any ideas.


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